Due to the length of time we have been pre-registering and seating parishioners, the available room at the weekend Masses, and people's understanding of the new procedures, beginning February 6th, we will no longer require pre-registration to attend weekend Masses.  Everyone IS asked, that as they seat themselves at Mass, to PLEASE remember to maintain at least 6' distance between households, and to fill in the middle of the pews, before sitting at the end of the pews, to avoid households crossing over areas to be seated.  Pre-registering may be put back into place if the situation(s) changes.

The church of daily Mass will be open for Mass ONLY.  The church which is NOT having daily Mass will be open for private prayer/devotion each week day from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM except on Mondays, when it will open at noon (to allow time to disinfect from the weekend Masses).  

January - March Ministry Schedule

Mass Seats 4pm

Mass Seats 8:30am

Mass Seats 10:30am

Mass Registration

Friday Adoration


The parish office continues to operate on a limited basis, but is closed to the public. Please call the office, 372-2127, for any assistance.

To drop something off, there is a mail slot in the office door.

Phone: 319-372-2127
Email: [email protected]


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COVID-19 Status

To attend weekend Mass at Holy Family Parish, EVERYONE must register each week.  The registration sheet will be posted on Mondays at 8:00 AM before the weekend, and registration will end at noon on Thursday, or when church capacity has been reached.  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and is to be completed either on this website or by CALLING the parish office, 372-2127.

The following guidelines are being implemented for everyone over the age of 2 years old who enter the churches:

Everyone MUST wear a face mask.

Each family is to bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer
to be used before entering the church,
and before and after receiving communion.

Everyone will be assigned a place to sit.

Maintain at least 6' distance between households.

If you have ANY symptoms of being ill or have been exposed to anyone who is ill, please do not enter the churches.


4:00 PM at Sacred Heart Church

8:30 AM at Sacred Heart Church
10:30 AM at Ss. Mary & Joseph Church

Daily Mass: please see bulletin for location
Tuesday - Friday @ 8:00 AM

If a funeral Mass is scheduled, daily Mass will be cancelled.

Parish App

We have our new Parish App available for you to download - click the image below  


Text ParishApp1 to 555888


Text ParishApp2 to 555888


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, confessionals cannot be used.  Therefore, it is advised to call Fr. Joseph directly, 372-2399, to schedule an appointment for confession.


3:15 PM
Ss. Mary and Joseph Church - see Fr. Joseph